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FMT is a unique community where food vendors and foodies come together to find each other and leave no belly unsatisfied. With our GPS trackers installed, trucks can auto-update their location on our system and be found with minimal effort for everyone.

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With FMT and a gps unit from our partner VentureGPS, vendors can show up on our map at their current location without needing to take a break from serving customers to login and update a web page.

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With FMT you can see all the food options near you in one handy location. Click on a truck to generate driving directions. Discover a new favorite. Create lists to save trucks of interest and easily find them later. Interact with other users in the community and review your dining experiences.

Each Food Truck has its own unique website address on FMT. When a user clicks to view your page they can see not only your current location (GPS-enabled trucks) but links to your social media and an embedded view of your twitter feed.


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