Follow My Truck

GPS Tracking for Food Trucks

What makes Follow My Truck different from the other truck directories?

Thanks to our partnership with VentureGPS, we give vendors the ability to install gps tracking technology in their truck so that their location will be updated live on our map all day long.

The Old Way

Food truck vendors shouldn’t have to waste their time logging into our website to update their location. The correct street address to enter is not always clear either. There must be a better way…

The Better Way

A small tracking unit can be installed in your truck either via the OBDII port or hardwired. This unit reports your location and driving data 24/7 to our partner VentureGPS, a great product on its own. We have a server to server connection so that our Food Trucks on the silver plan will have their map location automatically updated on a 5 minute interval to their location last reported by the tracker. 

When hungry customers load our map they will see their location and the locations of nearby trucks. This visual confirmation makes all the difference in helping them decide where to eat. They can even click on your truck and generate driving directions.

Plug-in Style

Connects directly to your vehicle OBDII port.
$ 150
  • $20/mo Data Plan
  • Easy to unplug

Wired Style

Hard-wired into your vehicle by connecting 3 lines: power, ground & ignition
$ 120
  • $20/mo Data Plan
  • Hidden Install capable

No. On our partner site VentureGPS, anywhere you stop at with your vehicle and park can be saved by you as a custom location. Custom locations can then be named, such as Home or School, etc. 

On Follow My Truck, when your incoming data has the keyword home or hidden we don’t display that location. 

That depends on you. If you want ease of install and the ability to move the unit between vehicles, then you should choose the plug-in style.

If you want a hidden unit that can help you in vehicle recovery if your vehicle is stolen – then choose the wired style.